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Taking redundancy personally.

Thursday, February 06, 2003

WOW! What a day!

I received a great email from Emma who found this site useful as she is also unemployed and has been for 10 months. It’s really heartwarming to know that the site is serving as therapy to others.

Emma also mentioned that she found my site listed on the Blogger home page. Which is just success beyond belief! Blogger is seen by thousands of people every day and my site is listed right there under Blogs of Note. I still can’t quite believe it! Hello all you fellow Bloggers!

I’ve spent time today updating the ever changing poetry site Scribbling Rivalry Press, is the Valentine’s Page where you can send a Valentine’s poem to the one you love.

At the close of business tonight I finally heard the result of last weeks interview. And it was not good news, unfortunately. The quick assessment from the agency was: Personality OK, Technical skills, Not. But that’s OK right? I work in IT where the majority of the job involves explaining a missed deadline to a client and to do that you need people skills not technical skills!

Much disappointment. Back to square one, or very close to it. It’s a good job I’ve got a holiday planned…

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Delving deeper on the IT Job Board revealed a ton of tutorials on a huge range of subjects from Web Marketing to Active Listening. Browse the whole list.

NamesFacesPlaces linked from cwjobs.co.uk has a lot of interesting editorial, but requires you to register (free) before viewing it.

Reading in the Evening Standard last night that a predicted 15,000(!) jobs will be shed from City institutions alone in 2003, my optimism took a turn for the worse. I realise how fortunate I was when they detail that under statutory redundancy rules the maximum weekly amount for each year of service is £250. Although the very lucky ones who receive a huge redundancy cheque will only be taxed for over £30,000.

They then advise you to shop for cheap food and services, tell your bank manager, remortgage your property and rent out a room, stop your pensions payments but not your critical illness cover, claim Jobseekers Allowance and thank the day you took out MPPI.

Monday, February 03, 2003

Exhausted Cambridge recruiting sites today as the area is on the up.

Also discovered a wealth of Crystal Reports sites including one that was kind enough to display it’s client list so that I can now trawl their sites for vacancies.