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Taking redundancy personally.

Wednesday, February 26, 2003
Guide Dogs Petition Against Unemployment

I miss commuting so much that I spent a couple of hours a day playing Gridlock. I then fill the day with pointless exercises, or networking as I prefer to call it. If anyone can contribute to this game of Alphabetti Bloghetti, please mention this site!

Once again my trip to the Job Centre was surprisingly quick as:
a) they never check whether you’re applying for work!
b) the current refurbishment has made them more efficient
I was also informed that after the refurbishment, they are implementing a new system. Warning bells are sounding. You already know that it probably involves them making staff cuts which means that I’ll be back to spending over an hour in there achieving very little. Is the name change to JobCentrePlus really going to fool anyone?

But at least I’m not trying to find work in Alabama, where a dispute over CD’s and money resulted in 4 dead. Their unemployment rates have never been so low! One report proves that cheap imports are proving lifesaving for Americans.

Graham Norton is buying a ghost town on ebay, think of the employment possibilities. In not so glamourous Newbury, there are a huge amount of vacancies at Vodafone.

Typical! Just when I finally find details on how to be an autopyrotechnician they attempt to outlaw fireworks. This seems to be caused by the ready availability of louder fireworks used at weddings and such festivals as Diwali and Eid. If I’ve understood it properly, 75,000 guide dogs have put their pawprint on the petition, with each guide dog earning up to £35,000 you can understand their upset. Why not help their cause.

Jobz Blitz:
New Performance stats from Rolls Royce: 1,100-0 in 3 years. Not singing for their supper. Buzz off. Losing the Abbey habit.